Short Film Kaaley Review – Showcases Darker Side of Human Nature

Kaaley Review

Kaaley, a 35 minute long short film has been created under the banner of SixSigmaFilms. The movie features Atul Rastogi, Sunjit Akkinepally, Krishna Shukla, Avinash Agarwal, Snigdha Bawa and Rajnish Songara. (Kaaley Review)

Kaaley Review

Kaaley movie opens to a cop who is trying to help a business tycoon to find his robbed money which needs to be secretly exchanged before the old currency notes are completely banned under demonetization. This movie is set in the backdrop of the time when demonetization has just taken place and all the so called rich people are going haywire for saving their black money.

Short Film Kaaley ReviewThe situation becomes worse when the goon himself loses the money bags and it reaches a small farmer. This small farmer carefully taking the bag of money from the goons, decides to go to the police station with the money when suddenly he and his wife are stricken with greed and decide to hide the money. The rat race of chasing the money begins and the movie becomes quite thrilling from this point. It depicts how people can go to any extent in the greed of money.

After this point the story becomes a little confusing, by the end we can see everyone killing one another for money but I am still trying to figure out how it happened. By the end the movie was slipping away very fast, not giving a chance to understand who killed whom. Also the screenplay by the end becomes tiring.

The basic crux of the movie is the greed for money in humans which has gone beyond respect, relations and sometimes even life. According to me it was an okay movie and I would give it 3 stars. It depends on the taste of person to person. You guys can give it a watch and also tell us know what you found more interesting in it.

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