Kingdom Chapter 577 Manga Raw Scans Confirm Summary

Kingdom Chapter 577 Manga Spoilers

Kingdom Manga is an adventure based manga and it has been penned down by the author Yasuhisa Hara. In the chapters going underway, we have been witnessing epic battle and great order of event happening. In the article below, we have shared the Kingdom Chapter 577 Manga Raw Scans Confirm Summary

 In a conversation between Stranger and Shin

So shin says why ? Is it something very big ? Is ouhon like a war orphan that was adopted by ousen or something ? B: no way in hell ouhon sama is low class like that .

Ouhon mother is from a noble family, she is the princess of the Kan family. When the Ou family another noble family got married to her family the ceremony was held for 3 days and 3 nights ( that is how big it was) B (Stranger) :I don’t know how many thousands have come for the ceremony. Soon after the marriage .. shukei (Ouhon’s mom) have become pregnant , ofcourse that child was ouhon sama.

Kingdom Chapter 577 Manga Raw Scans

But, when the days of delivery were near, a strange rumor has been floating, That this could actually be the child of a man she met before the marriage When the surrounding ppl asked her, she just kept her mouth shut.

Kingdom Chapter 577 Manga Raw Scans

Until she finally gave birth to ouhon sama , and just soon after the delivery, she passed away

Kanjo says, if by any chance that was true then Ouhon Sama to Ousen Sama is nothing but a total stranger who took away the life of his beloved.

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