Ladies First Trailer- Netflix portrays a story of a tough and determined woman


Ladies First, narrates the inspirational survival story of Deepika Kumari who, as a girl born on the roadside to downtrodden poverty in rural India, went in search of food, stumbled upon archery, and within 4 years became the number one archer in the World. A Netflix documentary directed by Uraaz Bahl.

Ladies First

The message what storyline portrayed is that it has been a misconception in this world of orthodoxs that women are meant to stay confined within the four walls and must engage themselves in household chores merely. Earlier, it was an excuse that we were living in a male dominating society, but today where everybody is focusing on women empowerment in order to help women keep pace with the world. Though it still sometimes becomes hard for a woman to freely enjoy their rights. But being deprived of women’s rights in the stereotyped village of Ratu, Indian, Deepika Kumari portrayed her endeavours and strained her nerves and proved herself by rising high becoming the No.1 female archer in the world at 18.

It is an inspiration how Deepika Kumari acted wise and took a stand for herself, portraying herself as a role model for others by taking a step ahead calling off gender inequality and embracing women empowerment. She believed in herself when no one else did, she stood strong for herself and her dreams, aspiring to honour fame for the country. Its a crisp and strong message for everyone out there that nothing could stop you if you are strongly determined for your target. May it be a man or a women, the right is equal for everyone. She bravely came out with the statement that those who underestimate girls are afraid of them. She took a strong decision for herself that she is gonna get away from that miserable condition of her village and she gave her best to prove her point that women are nowhere less than a man. Its just a narrow thinking that man can only be the bread earner of the family, Deepika went out in the seach of survival at a very early age, leaving all reasons and excuses behind.

Cry, fall, surrender, exhaust but never quit and never say no because one decision of yours can mend you or break you. Be ready to witness this tale of enthusiasm, courage and most importantly being you and portraying the real you to the world on 8th march, 2018 only on Netflix.


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