Lake Tahoe Fun Facts, History, Depth, Water Temperature, North America & More

Lake Tahoe Facts

A lake is a water body or an area filled with water and surrounded by a mass of land or basin. A lake is a water body that has still water means that is not flowing, unlike the Rivers in which water is not still. The lake is not a part of the ocean like the lagoons, that is a shallow water body just separated by a small land from a larger water body. The Lakes are usually formed between the mountains or the rifts. Lakes increase the beauty of the mountain valleys and are beautiful attractions for the visitor and travellers. Once such lake for which you are here is the Lake Tahoe located in North America. Let’s have a look at some of the interesting and Lake Tahoe Fun Facts

Lake Tahoe Fun Facts

  1. Lake Tahoe has a depth of 1,645 ft (501 m) that makes it the second deepest lake in the U.S.
  2. Lake Tahoe measures 22 miles (35 km) by 12 miles (19km) At its longest and widest.
  3. The shoreline circumference of the Lake Tahoe is 72 miles (116km).
  4. The Lake Tahoe has an average surface elevation of 6,225 ft (1,897 m) above sea level.
  5. Lake Tahoe lies in two State precisely 2/3 in California and 1/3 in Nevada.
  6. 63 tributaries drain into Lake Tahoe
  7. Lake Tahoe is about more than 2 million years old.
  8. Out of the 365 days of the year, the sun shines at Lake Tahoe for 274 days.
  9. The snowfall reaches about 125 inches annually at the lake level While at alpine skiing elevations it may reach up to 600 inches annually.
  10. The surface temperature of the Lake Tahoe lies between 41 to 68 Degree F
  11. The temperature remains at 39 degrees at a depth below 600 to 700 ft.
  12. If you take out the water of the Lake Tahoe then it could still cover entire California and still be 14 inches deep.
  13. The Lake Tahoe 39 trillion gallons of water.
  14. The Lake Tahoe enough water that it could serve the entire population of the US if you provide 50 gallons of water to each person for 5 years.
  15. The amount of water that evaporates from the Lake each day (330 million gallons) could supply a city the size of Los Angeles for 5 years.
  16. The 330 millions gallons of water evaporates every day from the Lake.
  17. The Lake Tahoe is one of the purest lakes in the world and purity of water is about 99.994 Percent.

Lake Tahoe Fun Facts


Lake Tahoe Fun Facts, History, Depth, Water Temperature & More

How did the name Tahoe originate and what does it mean?

The name Tahoe comes from a mispronunciation of the Washoe Native American name for Lake Tahoe, da ow a ga, which means, “edge of the lake.”

How old is Lake Tahoe? (Lake Tahoe Fun Facts)

Lake Tahoe as mentioned earlier is over 2 million years old is registered among the 20 oldest lakes in the world.

How does Lake Tahoe compare to other world lakes?

Comparing with lakes in the world the Lake Tahoe is 2nd largest in the world considering its elevations and overall it stands at the 31 and in terms of depth, it comes at the 11th position.

Lake Tahoe Fun Facts

Where does the water come from?

Rain and snowmelt runoff from the 63 tributaries are the major source of water of the lake and adds up to 65% of the entire water. Another 35% of water, falls as precipitation directly on the Lake. And about 200 gallons of water enters the lake each year.

Weather at Lake Tahoe : (Lake Tahoe Fun Facts)

  • During Winters the average high air temperature is in the mid-40s °F and the average low is in the mid to high-20s °F.
  • In summer the average highs are in the low-80s °F and the lows in the mid to low-50s °F.
  • Out of the 365 days of the year, the sun shines at Lake Tahoe for 274 days.

Lake Tahoe Fun Facts

How cold is the Lake Tahoe?

Talking about how cold is the Lake Tahoe, the water of the lake have a temperature of 440 degrees F. For last 10 years the monthly coldest temperature is 41.9 degree F and the hottest monthly temperature is around 65.7 degrees F. However maximum temperature can reach up to 75 degrees F in the hottest day

Does the Lake ever freeze?

The Lake Tahoe as mentioned above in the Lake Tahoe facts is quite deep that why the heat stored in the mammoth amount of water doesn’t allow the Lake to freeze at deeper levels at the surface level the lake freezes sometimes at very cold conditions.

Lake Tahoe Fun Facts

Does pollution endanger Lake Tahoe?

Yes, the pollution has definitely ruined the quality of the water of the lake, since 1968 the Tahoe clarity is decreased around one third and the major contribution in this is of the polluted watershed that feeds the Lake.

Another major contributor in polluting the lake is the Nitrogen that basically comes from the atmosphere and one half of which is released from the automobiles in the urban areas nearby.

How many people are at Lake Tahoe?

  • The year-round resident population is 53,000.
  • Total population can reach up to 300,000 on peak days.
  • Over three million people visit Lake Tahoe each year.