League Of Legends Patch 8.16 Release Date, Nexus Blitz and Cosmic Skins


League Of Legends Patch 8.15 is live now. Despite being a small one from the previous patches, LOL Patch 8.15 introduced the latest rework of Riot Games i.e. Akali Rework. I know you are wondering about next patch just after the release of the latest patch. Next patch i.e. League Of Legends Patch 8.16 will bring some light balance changes, but plenty of new skins are coming to game Apart from balance changes and skins, LOL Patch 8.16 is introducing a new game mode called “Nexus Blitz”.

( LOL ) League Of Legends New Skins In Patch 8.16

The patch will offer you five brand-new skins apart from the new game mode and some changes. Cosmic Line, Ashe, Lulu, Xin Zhao skins will become available along with a new Mecha Skin for Aurelion Sol.

League Of Legends Patch 8.16 Release Date 

LOL Patch 8.16 is the bi-weekly patch so it can be released on 15 August, Wednesday. We will let you know when Riot will announce.

LOL Patch 81.6 Balance Changes

League Of Legends Patch 8.16 is Riot’s bi-monthly patch which is relatively smaller than a usual patch.

LOL Patch 8.16 Nexus BLitz Game Mode

Despite being a smaller patch, it will introduce a Nexus Blitz, a lightning fast “experimental” game mode. It’s going to be under continues change until its full-fledged release.

It will be played on a new map in which teams will take two Junglers to complete objectives. The game mode also includes “map-wide murder-encouraging objectives that bestow glorious rewards on the victors” events.

Lol Patch Patch 8.16 Skins

You can find the exclusive videos and visual of new skins below:

Mecha Aurelion Sol

League Of Legends Patch 8.16 Release Date

Mafia Braum

League Of Legends Patch 8.16 Release Date

osmic Queen Ashe

League Of Legends Patch 8.16 Release

Cosmic Enchantress Lulu

League Of Legends Patch 8.16

Cosmic Defender Xin Zhao

Lol Patch Patch 8.16 Release DateDetails from Riot

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