League of Legends patch 9.5 notes release date- buffs,nerfs and balance changes

league of legends patch 9.5 release date

Latest League of Legends patch is just around the corner after a slight delay. League of Legends patch 9.5 notes will majorly focus on champion nerfs, buffs and balance changes rather than system changes. Richard ‘MapleNectar’ Henkel, Product Lead on the League of Legends balance team, has confirmed which champions, items, and runes on which the patch will be focused on.

Moreover, Kayle and Morgana reworks are also coming in lol patch 9.5. Morgana is getting a brand new appearance alongside with some slight updates to her W and ultimate. Kayle, on the other hand, is looking an absolute beast in new rework. Vi’s overhaul is back for the third round of testing. Also, Neeko and Sylas are getting some minor tweaks.

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League of Legends patch 9.5 release date

As League of Legends patch typically releases on Wednesday, players can expect to see the lol patch 9.5 notes on March 6th.

League of Legends patch 9.5 balance changes and more

league of legends patch 9.5 release date

Here is the list of champions, items, and runes getting nerf, buffs and changes along with Kalye and Morgana rework.

Champion Buffs

  • Neeko
  • Graves
  • Dr. Mundo
  • Akali
  • Rakan
  • Gangplank
  • Cho’Gath
  • Tryndamere
  • Skarner
  • Jhin

Champion Nerfs

  • Nunu & Willump
  • Yorick

Champion Adjustments

  • Vi
  • Sylas

Item/Rune Buffs

  • Stormrazer

Item/Rune Nerfs

  • Relic Shield
  • Aftershock
  • Conqueror

You can read the full changes and notes at surrenderat20


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