Leak claims Call of Duty:Modern Warfare Co-Op mode will be used within World League


Famous Call of Duty  YouTuber TheGamingRevolution’ is claiming that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Co-Op mode is going to use within COD World League.

During 19-2020 season, Call of Duty World League will be played on a new city-based system, and there are big plans in the making ahead of the game’s release.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Co-Op mode

Call of Duty:Modern Warfare Co-Op mode

According to the Youuber, one of the significant changes will be made in Co-Op mode of the game. The mode will be featured as part of competitive play claimed by the YouTuber’s source.

Till now, we only know a little about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Its description: “Squad-up and play cooperatively in a collection of elite operations accessible to all skill levels.” sounds like Spec-Ops mode of MW2.

TheGamingRevolution’s source explains: “‘Hey guys, let’s do the mission where we stop the terrorist from blowing up London”, and that “it’s almost like its own multiplayer experience within itself if you’re not a fan of the 3-lane PvP.”

The source claims “Activision are looking to build it up as an esports mode and are planning for it to be within the COD World League.”

Call of Duty:Modern Warfare Co-Op mode

From the description, it is possible that Co-Op mode will feature player vs player. It could work like Rainbow Six Siege-style hostage rescue and bomb defusal modes.

The leaker also gives an example of the London mission from the campaign mode, which will also translate to co-op: “The good guys will try to stop the opposing team from detonating the explosives.”

Call of Duty:Modern Warfare Co-Op mode

However, these leaks should be considered as a grain of salt until Activision or Infinity confirms it.


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