Leak: Major portion of Call of Duty Modern Warfare will be free to play, Campaign features three protagonists

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

After a short teaser released yesterday, Activision is going to reveal Call of Duty Modern Warfare today. Just a few hours are left for the epic reveal, and more leaks are flooding the internet. A proclaimed Chinese leaker claimed that he has insider knowledge about the Call of Duty Modern Warfare and claims that Infinity Ward is changing the multiplayer scene of Call of Duty games with this game. Let’s see in brief what the leaker said about the game.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Multiplayer will be free to play

The Chinese leaker Victor__Z took Twitter and posted a series of a tweet regarding Call of Duty Modern Warfare. The tweets are now deleted but we were able to capture them.

According to Victor__Z, a major portion of Call of Duty Modern Warfare multiplayer may be free to play. Kotaku’s report was also about the free to play model of the game. The leaker also mentioned the cross-play between PS4, PC and Xbox but didn’t confirm whether the game supports full cross-play or not.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Call of Duty Multiplayer changes

He suggests the Multiplayer will move back to the automatically health generation system, and weapons will have high recoil.

Another shocking statement made by Victor_Z, that the game will also scrap Specialist characters, and ditch the minimap entirely which has been a part of series for over a decade. Also, the “Pick 10” system for choosing classes will not be in the game.

It is not over yet as leaker also gave an idea of “Skills” which could give players active and massive perks in the game. Apparently, weapons will have four attachment features.

Modern Warfare campaign, Co-op and Modern Warfare 2 remastered

The leaker stated that there will not be an updated version of the Modern Warfare 2 alongside the game’s release. But, the Modern Warfare campaign will be based on anti-terrorism and will feature three protagonists, two male and one female. Their stories will be told through different campaigns and will eventually join together at the finale of the story.

Co-op mode will be in the game, but it is extremely secret that leaker doesn’t know about it but, “it is apparently large enough to be its own game”.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Victor__Z has been accurate regarding Call of Duty leaks, but keep one thing in mind that nothing is confirmed until Activision confirmed it themselves.


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