Leak New Oil Slick Trap Fortnite update v6.20 Fortnitemares 2018

Fortnite Update v6.20 Full Patch Notes

Fortnite update v6.20 is currently live in the game. The latest update for the game has brought many changes and bug fixes. Alongside this new things have been included in the game, also Fortnitemares 2018 is currently live in the game. The Fortnitemares 2018 has brought the cube monsters to the game which have been released through the portal in the sky.

With the release of Fortnite v6.20 update, data miners have started doing their work and they have looked deeper into the files for the recent update. While digging the files data miners have found a new Trap which might be included in the game soon.

The new trap has been named as Oil Slick Trap and as the name suggests it will create a slippery surface when it will be put to use.

Oil Slick Trap

Fortnite Update v6.20 Fortnitemares 2018

The new trap is still in its development stages and it might be part of the next major update

Fortnitemares 2018 has been scheduled to take place from October 24th to November 26th 2018

You can get complete information from here – Fortnite v6.20 update for Fortnitemares 2018

Also, data miners have been able to pull off the leaked emotes, skins, gliders