Leaked new Item Boombox, Consumable Carrot, Machine Pistol for Fortnite Season 7


Fortnite Update v7.10 is currently live in the game and data miners are putting a lot of effort to reveal out all the upcoming items and cosmetics for the game

Under their data mined results they have found a new item named Boombox along with its animation and sound files. The exact function of the Boombox is still unknown. Some of the fans believe that it will function like Boogie Bomb. Some of the other players think that it is related to new emote

Along with that, data miners have also found a new consumable item carrot. It is still in the earliest stages of its development and it would be interesting to see, how it will exactly perform in the game


A new submachine gun is also found in the data mined files which has been called as Machine Pistol. The item is already live in the game and it is expected to make its appearance in the Battle Royale soon

All these items seem really interesting, it would great to see in their inclusion in the game


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