Leaked Upcoming Skins Fortnite Update v7.10, Fortnite Season 7

Epic Games have released an update v7.10 for the Fortnite game. The latest update has brought a lot of changes to the game, including an introduction of an orange health bar for the Stormwing planes. Also, you will see Christmas decorations all around the Fortnite Map. In addition to that Epic Games have introduced 14-day event which includes different LTM’s which will offer various rewards

As the update v7.10 went live, Dataminers started doing their work. They have revealed a list of upcoming skins under this update

The skins which have been data mined are in sync with the winter theme of Fortnite Season 7

These list of skins have been data mined by two Twitter users @iRealCross and @yzbeats

Leaked Upcoming Skins Fortnite Update v7.10

Upcoming Skins Fortnite
Frozen Red Knight – Legendary
Upcoming Skins Fortnite
Frozen Love Ranger – Legendary
Upcoming Skins Fortnite
Frozen Raven – Legendary
Upcoming Skins Fortnite
Tinseltoes – Uncommon
Upcoming Skins Fortnite
Cloaked Shadow – Epic


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