Lenovo teases a Smartphone with Four Cameras, but it could be spurious again.

Lenovo teases a Smartphone with Four Cameras

With the evolution of the dual cameras on the smartphones, it never felt that there were smartphones with single cameras. Then came the Huawei P20 Pro with triple camera setup and then other smartphones like Oppo R17 pro and the recently launched Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) are also featured with the triple camera setup.

But this is not the end, the Samsung is to launch a smartphone with four rear cameras next month. Now in a new teaser, the Chinese manufacturer Lenovo is rumored to bring a smartphone with four rear cameras, that means the Samsung is not alone.

The Vice President of Lenovo, Chang-Cheng shared a photo of quad cameras packed in a square which looks similar to the rumored Mate 20 series.


The teaser clearly gives a thought the company is definitely cooking something under the hood. But if you remember, the Lenovo back in may teased a smartphone with no notch and no bezels but when the smartphone – the Lenovo Z5 launched it was housed with a Notch and a Chin too which disappointed everyone.

This time also it might be something like that, so not putting too much of the weight to the news and taking the information with a pinch of salt until the final product is in front of us and that might be as soon as next month. So stay tuned and what are your thoughts regarding this, do let us know in the comments section below.

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