Royal Stag’s Large Short Films platform has found a special place in the heart of the audiences. Each short movie produced under this banner is pure class, and recently they have been able to bring in A-list directors on board. The director, Imtiaz Ali who is known for his finesse in representing love stories in a unique way directed a short titled ‘The Other Way.’ The movie showed the love story from an entirely new perspective. Then we got a class apart movie ‘Kartaa‘ produced by Anurag Kashyap. Now, Large Short Films has released a trailer for their upcoming film ‘Listener.’ Written and directed by Tarun Dudeja who worked as an assistant director on B.A. Pass.

The concept of the Listener is unique, and the trailer is able to kindle an interest in the viewer. The trailer opens with a view of a restaurant in the city of dreams, Mumbai. A woman enters the restaurant, orders food to eat and suddenly the last thing she asks for grabs your attention, which reads ‘Listener….1495/hour.’ Then for a moment, you wonder that it may be some fancy drink. After that trailer shows various people talking to a person and sharing their thoughts, which lifts the curtain of mystery over the story. Soon, you realize that people are paying money to get someone who can listen to them in this always running world.

The plot undoubtedly throughs light on the current issue where every one of us is too much engrossed in our day to day lives that we don’t even find time to listen to our loved ones. The other highlight of Listener is its stellar cast which includes names like Kumud Mishra, Shashank Arora, Yusuf Hussain and Shivani Tanksale. The release date of this unique short movie is still unknown, however, keep in touch with us as soon we will update you with the same.



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