LOL League Of Legends Patch 9.3 Gameplay Changes Thoughts By Design Director

League Of Legends Patch 9.3

With the League Of Legends Patch 9.3 release around the corner, game’s design director has shared his quick thoughts on LOL Patch 9.3 changes and gameplay on the game’s community board.

LOL League Of Legends Patch 9.3 Gameplay Changes

League Of Legends Patch 9.3

Riot is making some refinements to the bounties in the game with the release of LOL Patch 9.3. They want to introduce CS based bounties to recognize when the players and their teams were ahead via CS gold and give them a catch opportunities in those cases.

“We’ll be making some changes behind the scenes to the CS bounty calculation as a result so that the threshold to hit a bounty better reflects actual game state, meaning that you should only have a bounty from CSing when you’re meaningfully ahead.” said design director.

As told in the previous post on League Of Legends Patch Notes 9.3, Akali will undergo a huge change with the update release. In his discussion on the community’s board, the game’s design director Meddler discussed the healing feature of Akali Q and how they will change it with the release of the patch. They are planning to bring Akali’s based HP5 to average from quite low in 9.3 alongside the nerf.

More Updated Movement Animations

Here are the more updated animation from the Riot that will include in the LOL Patch 9.3

  • Dr Mundo – Mundo does things his way. In this case that means getting an updated Q throw animation instead of a walk or run anim.
  • Gragas – Updated base run
  • Katarina – Updated base run
  • Lux – New no boots walk anim and updated base run
  • Shen – New no boots walk
  • Twisted Fate – New no noots walk anim
  • Zyra – New no boots walk

This is all about the design director’s discussion on the board. You can read the full post on the League Of Legends Board.