Major Blitzcrank changes are heading to League of Legends PBE

Blitzcrank changes
Image from Riot Games

Major changes are coming to the Golem, Blitzcrank is heading to League of Legends PBE later today. Riot’s champion designer  Daniel “Maxw3ll” Emmons announced some significant changes to Bliztcrank, especially his passive.

Maxw3ll explains that the team wants to make the champion’s passive more consistent and not to discourage players to cast spells. They are also working on reducing frustration around the Blitz’s passive especially when its use in team fights.

“I’m not planning on shipping these changes to live with 9.7. I want to get a temperature read on these changes in PBE to make sure we’re heading in the right direction with Blitz before we pull any triggers” Maxw3ll said.

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Blitzcrank Changes

The first change is made to Blitz’s passive mana barrier whose shield strength is now 30 percent of max mana instead of 50 percent.

Riot is planning to remove Blitz’s current passive where he randomly shocks a nearby enemy every 2.5 seconds. They are working on replacing it with a lightning charge attack where the Blitz’s fist get charged by lightning when Static Field is active. Upon hitting with it, marked enemies take 50/100/150 + 30%AP magic damage.

Riot games is not planning to ship these changes with League of Legends patch 9.7. They are currently testing the changes and want public feedback on these.