Marvel Iron Fist Season 2 Review – Better than Season 1, less change in Danny Rand

Danny Rand Photo

The main reason for Marvel Iron Fist Season 2 being a success and a better season than the first is the realization of Danny Rand’s character being the weak part of it. This isn’t Finn Jones’ fault, the writer of the first season, Scott Buck, wrote him like that which bored people but in the Iron Fist Season 2, Jones and the new writer M. Raven Metzner were faced with a challenge of bringing up the character as the hero and the protagonist the audience expect which they met the need in this season.

The good thing in Iron Fist Season 2 is the new start of Danny working for a local company and try to live a simple life with Colleen, played by Jessica Henwick, rather than focussing on his wealth and power just like they showed in Season 1 about the corporate skullduggery which slowed the main motive of the show and makes it less interesting as the fans would be more interested in watching the use of the iron fist, how it originates in the first place or the action scenes involving the Iron Fist. Moreover, the fight scenes and the action involved in this season is far well off then the first season which contained too much murky fight sequences and obvious stunt doubles fight scenes.

The Season 2 is more towards Danny finding his purpose to serve New York after the Defenders season finale. Though unlike the other Defenders like Luke Cage and Jessica Jones who tried to forget the incident, Danny is the most affected by the events at Midland Circle and hence trying to wear the shoes of Matt Murdock to protect New York’s different areas from crime using his Fist. This story is more interesting to see as most parts of the first season went into Danny proving himself to be sane since no one was ready to accept him and recognize him as Danny Rand.

Also, this season marks the return of Danny’s Brother, Davos, played by Sacha Dhawan, to reopen some old wounds. He came back to claim what is his, according to him and Danny is unworthy of having, i.e., The Iron Fist. This is no spoiler as this was mentioned in the trailer itself, so no worries. However, the Davos’s way of acquiring the Fist is evil as in the comic book of Iron Fist. Apart from all this, the main drawback of the series of Iron Fist is the villain. Unlike, Wilson Fisk, Kilgrave, CottonMouth, the villains in Iron Fist didn’t make an impact on the viewers. Hardly anyone remembers the names Bakuto and Harold Meachum, not including Madame Gao as she was introduced in Daredevil. In the Season 2 also, Davos is similarly unremarkable, because of the lack of the screen chemistry required.

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The flashback of Davos and Danny in K’un-Lun still gave an energy and in fact, it gives a better view of Davos than Danny, but their rivalry at the present stage is not that much of an impact. Their fights seem just like that of Punishers, who kills the bad guys only. Here also, most of the victims in the quarrel between the two are the bad guys without including any innocent victims. Davos seems to be forced a criminal whose only victims are the criminals, not any innocent people.

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Thanks to Mary Walker(Typhoid Mary), played by Alice Eve who looks the most captivating character and has all the charisma that Davos lacks. Moreover, the episodes with Misty Knight, played by Simone Missick, and her chemistry with Colleen along with her sarcasm towards Danny’s shtick has just brightened up the season and make it more interesting to watch.

Ward and Joy Meachum, played by Tom Pelphrey and Jessica Stroup have also got little roles in the Season 2. At the end of Season 1, Joy was not on the team Danny but Ward is trying his best to restore his relationship with Danny as he was in their childhood and the show is filled with humour due to the insanity that Danny brings in his life. But the main limelight of the show is Colleen, who is shown equally struggling with Danny and is the most captivating protagonist in the Season.

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Still, this outing allows Danny to understand what it takes to be a hero, and also give Jones, the opportunity to bring the emotions and the confident fighting scenes choreography on the screen. Though unlike the 13 episodes of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones’ Season 2, Iron Fist Season2 is going to have just 10 episodes which will reduce the elongation of the story. But after the episodes 7 and 8, it seems like the show makers are just spinning wheels to delay the final showdown.