Marvel Iron Fist Season 3 Release Date, Plot and Spoilers

Iron Fist Season 3

Marvel Iron Fist Season 1 didn’t meet the expectations of the audience but the second season was far better than it. The season finale was just great and it evidently set the stage for Iron Fist Season 3. But when should we expect it to drop and what can be the possible plot? Let’s discuss all the Iron Fist Season 3 Theories which are possible. Following article can contain Iron Fist Season 3 Spoilers(though not yet confirmed), so read at your own risk.

Iron Fist Season 1 was not liked by the audience and was heavily criticized by them and the critics. Even though it has problems, it hit some audience but it didn’t rise that much and unfortunately, Marvel had to sign off its second season. In spite of these hardships, they tried to fix the problems of the show, even hired a new show maker, Raven Metzner. They show their confidence on Metzner’s success and hence put all their stakes in for the show. The show also included months later scene which teases the future of the show and its characters.

The Marvel Netflix shows have shown a great success for both Marvel TV and the streaming giant. Moreover, they have met the expectations of the audience, which let the audience go crazy whenever a new season arrives. The Iron Fist Season 2 has received great reviews and critical reception and everyone is happy to see how it ended. Due to the season 2 success, the audience is now looking forward to Iron Fist Season 3. This article will discuss what we expect from the season 3 and when will it happen.

Season 2 sets the stage for Marvel Iron Fist Season 3(Possible Iron Fist Season 3 Spoilers)

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Marvel Iron Fist Season 2 has completely change the show’s status. Unlike Season 1, Colleen Wing now is as equally important in the show as the main hero Danny Rand as she, now, acquires the Immortal Iron Fist and is battling to protect New York from crime. Moreover, at the end of the season finale, Danny sets up his quest to Asia to unravel the history of Iron Fist which is not done in any Marvel show till date. It is clearly a set up for Iron Fist Season 3 which will show both the time in New York and Asia at the same time.

The new status of the show is an interesting one and it clearly sets the stage for the third season to discover what the future for our characters is. This is quite evident by the “months later” scene at the end of the season finale, where the future of Colleen and Danny was shown. Both of them are now using the Immortal Iron Fist in different ways which are unlike any other Marvel Netflix shows. At the season end, Colleen charged her blade with the Iron Fist power and Danny shoot bullets which are supercharged with the Iron Fist power.

The Season 3 is expected to redefine the show’s mythology, as Danny is going on a quest to Asia to explore more about Iron Fists. His quest is fruitful as he came across the name “Orson Randall” who is Danny’s Predecessor, according to the comics. With his name, he gets to know about the Lost Cities and their champions known as the so-called “Immortal Weapons”. Season 2 adds to this theory about Iron Fist, out of which one is Colleen’s possible ancestor, Wu Ao-Shi – the Pirate Queen of Pinghai Bay.

When will Marvel Iron Fist Season 3 Happen?

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It’s hard to say that when will Marvel Iron Fist Season 3 will drop or the date will be announced by Marvel and Netflix, as there is no such news about it yet. It’s hard to say when will it be announced as although, Luke Cage season 3 is sure to happen, but it’s yet not confirmed. Another example is Daredevil Season 3, which was announced at SDCC 2016, but didn’t start production till later in 2017 and it is yet to be released later this year.

In the beginning, Netflix was cautious of releasing two Marvel shows a year, but three big hits dropped the last year. This year they will be dropping four big hits. Production rate is hence faster than usual and no doubt, we can get Iron Fist Season 3 early than we expect. Assuming the same level of droppings in 2019, Jessica Jones Season 3 and Punisher Season 2 is lined up for that and remaining are the two slots. These two slots will probably be filled by Luke Cage Season 3 and Marvel Iron Fist Season 3, not necessarily in this order.

Characters in Iron Fist Season 3

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The first wave i.e., the first season of the shows was not well connected except by the character Claire Temple, played by Rosario Dawson. This loose connection was transformed into a strong relationship by the means of The Defenders, where they get to know each other and formed a relationship. Since then, many characters like Foggy Nelson from Daredevil showed up in Jessica Jones. Karen Page was seen in The Punisher and Danny Rand has a whole crossover episode in Luke Cage Season 2. Hence, it is possible to see various crossovers with Iron Fist characters in other shows.

It is sure that all the Marvel-Netflix shows are set in and around New York, so crossovers including Danny will not be there as he is on his quest to Asia. But since there is a new Iron Fist in the city to protect it, Colleen Wing, hence she will be the part of the crossovers. It was hinted in the Marvel Iron Fist Season 2 that Misty will call her in order to deal with Luke who is the new crime boss of Harlem as she thinks that the Iron Fist is one of the few weapons that might make a dent in the man. But since Netflix is open for signing up Marvel spinoffs, it is still possible to get a “Daughter of the Dragon” spinoff starring Misty Knight(Simone Missick) and Colleen Wing(Jessica Henwick). After all, Colleen Wing is revealed to be a descendant of an Iron Fist which does make her a “daughter of the dragon”.

We have entered an interesting phase for Marvel-Netflix shows, where there is no reference from comics at all and hence comic book readers can’t predict what is going to happen next. For example, in Jessica Jones Season 2, there is nothing similar to the comic, in Luke Cage Season 2, the star changed into a crime boss and in Iron Fist Season 2, the power of Iron Fist is passed over, none of which is seen in the comics. Moreover, since the quality has increased in case of Marvel Iron Fist in Iron Fist Season 2, it will be interesting to see what’s in store for Danny and Colleen in Season 3.