‘Marvel Lacks Memorable Music’ Admits Thor Ragnarok Music Director

Why good background score matters?

Have you ever wondered, how impactful background music is in the movie? The perfect background score during various scenes can either increase the tension or make a comedic scene more enjoyable. Let’s take an example of Inception by Christopher Nolan. The background score by Hans Zimmer in this one makes each scene more enigmatic, and you connect entirely with the movie.

Hans Zimmer

Movies like Star Wars, Dunkirk, Gladiator, etc. had such great music that it felt like another layer of the story. Each tone in these films give rise to different emotions, and that gets you engrossed.However, the significant franchise like Marvel has always lacked in the music section. They had such a generic background score that you don’t even remember the single tune from their 18 movies ensemble. The similar point was brought up by the music director of Thor Ragnarok in the recent interview with THR.

Marvel lacks great background score

He admitted that Marvel’s music has never been the memorable one and that they noticed this, more clearly when they came across the video on the youtube channel, ‘Every Frame a Painting’. This particular video helped him and others, working on the score of Thor Ragnarok to come up with the music that makes you jump in your seat :

“We were looking at that, going ‘Wow, OK.’ That helps explain some things that I felt myself… Marvel is so successful, and it seems like it’s because the people that are at the top of the food chain are very integrated into the creative process, which I hadn’t expected. You don’t always see that. A lot of the executives, their big concerns are marketing, and investments, they don’t have time — music is way down at the bottom of the list. Even the directors, sometimes, you are working with them, and they are like, ‘Cobbler, cobble me some music.’ And you are treated like that.”

Now, think about the scene during last 10 minutes when Led Zepplin’s Immigrant song comes on and how it felt like that lightning bolt just struck you. This is the power of good background score that gets you so much invested in the movie.

I also watched this fantastic video essay which gives you minute details regarding the background score of movies. The piece summarizes in the end by saying that Marvel always lacked in powerful music because they never took the risk to do something different. You can check out this video essay below and tell us your views.

The Marvel Symphonic Universe by Every Frame a Painting

Till then keep taking risks and who knows one day I get a chance to write about you.