After cancelling Marvel shows, Netflix plans its own superhero universe


One of the biggest streaming giant Netflix has parted ways with Marvel and its shows. Recently, we have seen the cancellation of many Marvel shows on Netflix, which includes The Punisher, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Luke Cage, The Defenders, and Iron Fist.

But the question here arises why did Netflix take this step and cancel its hugely popular shows like The Punisher and Jessica Jones. One reason for this is the acquisition of Marvel by Disney and Disney is reportedly launching its own streaming service ‘Disney +’ which Netflix is taking as its competitor.

Another reason for this is that Netflix has planned its own superhero shows and originals for the coming time. The Netflix Original superhero show ‘The Umbrella Academy’ received a positive response from the audience. The Umbrella Academy has an IMDB rating of 8.5 and 71% rotten tomatoes rating which means the show is already a success and many people are waiting for its Season 2.

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Apart from this Netflix has acquired the Millarworld Comics in August 2017 and now they have planned a range of superhero movies and series based on these comics. Down below we have listed all the upcoming Netflix shows and movies based on the Millarworld Comics.



1) American Jesus – Series
2) Jupiter’s Legacy – Series
3) Huck – Film
4) Empress – Film
5) Reborn – Film
6) Prodigy – Film
7) Sharkey the Bounty Hunter – Film

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