Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors Review-Target Younger Audience

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The Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors animated movie is out. It was released on September 30, Sunday on Disney XD. This is the full Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors Review of the movie. The following Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors Review may contain Spoilers for the movie so you have been warned. Before the release of Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors, Disney XD delivered an animated series. It was named Marvel Rising: Initiation. The series was released early summer and as the name suggests, it introduced new heroes. It was an unofficial inauguration of comic book superheroes which were less known. It worked just fine to introduce the characters and now the story has been extended by the release of the movie. Now, let’s check out the Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors Review to know if the movie met the expectation of the movie or not.

The Story in Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors

Marvel Rising Secret Warriors

The movie starts with some unfamiliar faces for a casual Marvel fan. It starts with the portrayal of the friendship of Ms Marvel and the Squirrel Girl. It further expands to include a variety of characters. The band of heroes in the movie broadly includes Inhumans, S.H.I.E.L.D., a refugee from another dimension and also Captain Marvel. The movie is about the heroes taking on a Kree threat which had been ended a long time ago. They have returned to recruit the Inhumans that they created by infecting the Earth with a virus of some kind. The faces that were seen in the movie will be new for a casual Marvel fan but will be familiar with the hardcore comic book readers. The best part is that it isn’t an animated retelling of familiar stories and characters. Secret Warriors gets to do something that is fresh and new.

Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors Cast

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In the movie, a whole new generation of teen superheroes is introduced. It starts with the introduction of Kamala Khan(Ms Marvel), voiced by Kathleen Khavari and Doreen Green(Squirrel Girl), voiced by Milana Vayntrub. Then it shifted to their encounter with another inhuman named Dante Pertuz(Inferno), voiced by Tyler Posey. He was an Inhuman who was not able to control his powers yet. During their encounter, a Kree warrior named Victor Kohl(Exile), voiced by BooBoo Stewart came in between telling both the girls that he was there to help control Dante as he was reckless. He gained their trust quite quickly but Ms Marvel noticed a fight with himself in Dante.

This hunt for Dante further led to the introduction of other superheroes namely, America Chavez(a refugee from another dimension), voiced by Cierra Ramirez, S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Daisy Johnson/Quake, voiced by Chloe Bennet and Rayshaun Lucas/Patriot, voiced by Kamil McFadden. They all faced many hardships to find Dante but at the end, he was taken under custody by Exile who works for Hala the Accuser, the Kree leader, voiced by Ming-Na Wen. They all faced Hala and Exile in the end when Ms Marvel was also taken in custody by Exile. They defeated Hala and freed other Inhuman teens on their spaceship with the help of Captain Marvel, voiced by Kim Raver.

Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors introduced those superheroes which have not yet made an appearance before in the MCU. Putting an emphasis on Kamala Khan(Ms Marvel) is the smart choice here as in she’s a smart teen learning to deal with extraordinary abilities. Due to this, her close friendship with Squirrel Girl has become a little more difficult as she is far more invested in being a full-time hero.

The movie perfectly balanced the action elements and the personal moments. It gave a beautiful message of being who you are. Moreover, the best part of the movie is making it more girl superheroes film. This gives us the message that a movie can feature girls and then also can be completely accessible to boys. It also tells that a movie can feature girls and can still show action, adventure and strong characters of both genders.