Marvel Studios won its First Oscar for Black Panther

Marvel Studios won its First Oscar for Black Panther Photo

Marvel Studios has finally won their first Oscars, thanks to Black Panther. The movie got the Oscars for the Best Costume and Production Design. Black Panther got positive critical reviews and hence made billions at the box office. Even after the movie was removed from the box office, it remained a part of the conversations because of the nominations for many awards.

The movie was directed by Ryan Coogler. It got a lot of attention after being nominated for many Academy Awards earlier this year. Black Panther got the Best Ensemble SAG. This prize is a positive sign for a movie to have a chance at Oscars. Though Black Panther managed to take the Oscars more in the technological areas.

Marvel won its First Oscar for Black Panther

Black Panther got the Oscar for the Best Costume Design by Ruth E. Carter. Also, it got the Best Production Design by Hannah Beachler and Jay Hart. Apart from this, Ludwig Goransson won the Oscar for the Best Original Music Score. These Oscars are the first in the Marvel Studios’ history.

Marvel Studios won its First Oscar for Black Panther 1 Photo

Black Panther well deserve these awards as the costumes and the production was quite unique and different. Carter and Beachler brought up Wakanda with their work and helped to add up the afro-futuristic feel to it. Apart from the design work, the music and instrumental tunes and sounds by Goransson gave a different feel and energy to it.

Till now, Marvel movies got nominated for many VFX categories but wasn’t able to win any of them. This is their first Oscar in their ten years of film-making. Black Panther has got back-to-back victories and is now successfully recognized by the Academy. These Oscar wins will mark the name of Black Panther in the Marvel Studios. Also, this has increased the expectations for the upcoming Black Panther 2 by Ryan Coogler and his crew.


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