Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War Trailer Breakdown


Avengers: Infinity War

A Worthy Trailer or Not?

We all have waited for this moment eagerly, and it looks like all the effort of 10 years has worked wonders. The glimpse we saw in the Avengers: Infinity War trailer is pure bliss for eyes and mind.

It is saying that ‘Universe came into existence in a billionth of a second’ but see behind that how much effort and planning was put in to get this beautiful world. Same is true for this fantastic Marvel Universe which has taken almost ten years and 18 movies to arrive at this moment.

The teaser of the Avengers: Infinity War created so much buzz, and when the trailer got released, all the hell broke loose, and internet was filled up with the memes & appreciations for it. It begins with the glimpse of Bruce Banner lying on the rubble & Doctor Strange & Iron Man standing in front of him, which confirms that he is back on the earth. From the trailer itself, you will get the feeling that stakes are high this time & the antagonist is not the one whom you can take in a lighter tone.

Marvel has always been accused of making the movies in a lighter tone but this time around it looks a dark toned movie with the little bit of lighter moments sprinkled here & there. Thanos seems wholly badass & looks like a villain who can kick asses of all the superheroes put together. When he utters ”This does put a smile on my face” accompanied by his maniacal laugh while looking at the Infinity Gauntlet, that makes you cringe inside. The trailer also gives you the glimpse of many Easter eggs like Vision in the human form which points towards the children of him & Scarlet Witch in upcoming movies.

Everyone looks perfect in the trailer, but one who steals the show is Captain America, he looks so spectacular in that beard & when Black Panther said “Give this man a shield,” that moment was the coolest one.

There are many things in this trailer for which I can go on & on, but the best thing about this movie which will we give me sleepless nights till I watch it next year that would be how Russo Brothers have weaved the whole story together. It’s not an easy task to bring so many characters on the screen within such a limited time. However, I have complete trust in Marvel, that they will pull this off in the grandest way ever possible. What are your views? Are you going crazy for this movie? Do let us know.

Till then keep singing that magical Avengers tune.