Microsoft foldable surface phone gets new patents with hinge

Microsoft files four new patents for Windows 10 foldable phone’s hinge
Surface Phone design. Its is very likely we will see a fully functional foldable phone in our hand as Samsung & Microsoft are working on every inch of it to make it a reality.

Microsoft has filed four new patents for it’s new foldable phone running on Windows 10 featuring hinge supported surface phone design.

It is interesting to know that Microsoft has filed more patents then that of Google, Samsung in the past two years. So it an be presumed that the company is pretty serious to make a good foldable phone.

Microsoft foldable surface phone
Hinge Mechanism

It should be noted here, that the four patents which are being filed from the Microsoft has been named as Hinge Mechanism, Hinge device with living hinge, Hinge device with open snap lock & Hinge with free stop function.

Now let’s take a closer look at the patented technologies. With it’s idea of hinge the company wants to combine two displays into a single image with best possible experience. With the help of a hinge the device can be turned into tablet, laptop or phone at a single go.

1) Free Stop Hinge – This patent was filed by Microsoft on February 1st, which displays a phone capable of 360 degree rotation with the help of a hinge. It’s a type of technology where two devices an rotate with respect to each other
2) Snap on lock – This patent provides a rotation to the two screens with respect to each other at 180 degree. After reach this angle the device will get lock itself on basis of hinge and will opened by a force to unlock the hinge.

Microsoft foldable surface phone
Hinge Mechanism

Well lot of patents are generally filed by every brand but only handful of patents gets a living reality. But Microsoft seems pretty serious about foldable phone and it’s new Window Core OS. The device might also support Win32 applications. The device is probably arriving this year with Andromeda Cshell.

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