Microsoft introduces New feature “Sets” for Window Office

Microsoft office has released new feature ” Sets ” for the Windows 10 based operating system. The new system introduced is kind of revolutionary for the ear of Windows.

It will also provides enhanced user experience and improved way to interact with Window’s operating system.

With the new feature “Sets” , now you can open multiple tabs in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint for different documents and switch inbetween them with simplicity.

The Sets interface is already available in the latest beta version of Windows operating system and can be installed through Windows insider program.

The new feature will be available for all the users in the next stable release of the Windows.

It works in way, if you are in a Word document, there will be “add icon” in the top bar to add any other document as we do in any generic web browser to open up any new webpage.

All of the document work for a person will speed up which relates for opening multiple files and documents.


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