Microsoft Windows Defender Now available for Chrome as an Extension

Windows Defender extension

Microsoft Windows Defender Extension !!

Windows Defender is renowned antivirus by Microsoft which secures windows OS ,edge browser, and other Microsoft services. Now the tech giant has rolled out its popular antivirus, Windows Defender, as an extension for Google Chrome. It will be available for different OS like Windows ,Mac, Linux.

The extension brings the security features of Microsoft Edge to Chrome. As per Microsoft, the extension protects users against phishing emails and links that point to malicious websites.


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The Chrome already has different security measures but the company points out that while Chrome is 87% secure, Edge offers protection against 99% of the risks and the extension will now add the same security to Chrome. The extension is named as “Windows Defender Browser Protection”

The extension is available to download for free, So add the Windows Defender extension to your chrome browser for more security.

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Via: VERGE  Source: Microsoft