Pokemon new movie for 2018 Minna no Monogatari reveals Zeraora


Pokemon Minna no Monogatari’s movie has revealed new trailer which has given us a glimpse of its story and new Pokemon with some new characters too.

We are very excited about the movie Pokemon Minna no Monogatari and so are the Pokemon fans. The trailer has been uploaded to the Pokemon Official YouTube channel. Pokemon is one of the most popular anime franchise and loved all around the world

Minna no Monogatari

Pokemon Minna no Monogatari

The new Pokemon film shares the meeting of Satoshi and Pikachu along with new pokemon and characters gathering in a town Frau where legendary Pokemon Lugia blows the blessing wind once a year which is also known as Kaze Matsuri by the people of the town.

Minna no Monogatari

This movie will be a sequel to the Pokemon Movie: Kimi ni Kimetta (Pokemon: I Choose You ). The movie has some great graphics and animation quality which resembles contemporary animation style.

Minna no Monogatari

The new Pokemon that will be revealed in this movie will be mysterious Zeraora. The movie cast includes Mana Ashida who is playing a mysterious character named Rarugo, while Rina Kawaei is Risa, who is a girl in high school and new to this Pokemon world.

The film is scheduled to be released on July 13, 2018, in Japan

 Studios: OLM & Wit Studio
 Director: Tetsuo Yajima (Pokémon XY TVs, Real Pokémon Wizard Movie I Choose You!)
 Character Design: Shizue Kaneko (Kanojo g Flag o Oraretara, Lost Song,
 Monster Strike Movie)
 Music: Shinji Miyazaki ( Pokémon saga, Pencil Shin-chan movies)

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