Who is Mitsuki in Boruto? These things confirm Mitsuki is artificial human being


In the last few episodes of Boruto, we have seen peculiar things happening with the Mitsuki and his reality of artificially created human being is protruding now. We all are aware of the fact that Mitsuki is a result of one of Orochimaru’s experiment. Actually, Mitsuki is a synthetic human being created as a partial clone of Orochimaru and it is the result of one of Orochimaru’s experiment. The name Mitsuki has been coined from two words Tsuki and Mi, where Tsuki means vessel and Mi is the sixth sign of the Chinese zodiac calendar meaning Snake. Orochimaru wanted Mitsuki to create his own journey and find his independence, in order to do so he tried to erase the memories of Mitsuki. But on the Orochimaru Six attempt, Mitsuki mastered Sage mode and decided to part with his father and older brother.

From the past few episodes, little oddities have been showcased about Mitsuki

Mitsuki in Boruto

Mitsuki in Boruto

1) Mitsuki body does not require to eat

In episode 69 of Boruto, it has been shown that Mitsuki body can function normally even without eating food.

As we have observed a statement coming from Orochimaru

Orochimaru asked ” What made you start eating food?

It was a peculiar question from Orochimaru, as a normal human being does require food to eat, but from the words of Orochimaru, it seems like Mitsuki does not need food. As we have not even seen Mitsuki eating burger anytime at the restaurant.

Mitsuki in Boruto

2) Mitsuki Dreaming for First Time in Boruto Episode 71

In the Boruto Episode 71, we have seen that Mitsuki has dreamed for the first time. In his dream, he had a confrontation with Log and Orochimaru. He was so surprised that he can also dream.

3) Not fully developed Character

If you are a teen, you must be having a collection of cards, toys or might have some posters on the wall

But when the Mitsuki room was shown, it does not have anything other than the photo of Boruto

4) Mitsuki being imprinted with Boruto as its role model

Mitsuki in Boruto

Mitsuki in Boruto

In the room of Mitsuki, we have seen the photo of Boruto, as he considers Boruto as his role model, which has been imprinted by Orochimaru on his mind. In the last episode “Hardest Rock in the world”, Mitsuki realised that he has been imprinted to believe and follow Boruto as his role model.

But after this realisation of being an imprint and teachings from Onki, he is likely to grow as normal human being in the upcoming episodes.