Modes in Call of Duty Mobile game

modes in call of duty mobile

Call of Duty mobile beta testing phase is now available in select countries. With this more details have just dropped about how the game will work, how many modes are available to play right now and what they are.

Modes in Call of Duty Mobile game

There are two modes that players can choose how they want to control their characters. The first is Simple Mode, and in this mode, if your crosshair is over an enemy, the gun will fire automatically. This also means that players will be run out of ammunition very quickly, and accuracy will become below average.

Call of Duty mobile game battle royale

The second mode is called Advanced Mode. In this mode, you will feel a lot like a Call of Duty game on consoles. It includes a fire button from which you will have to decide to fire or not. Also, you will have to keep a range of weapon in mind while shooting the enemy at different distances. Additionally, the game allows you to decide where you want to place your buttons on the screen so you can experience the game in your way.

You will also get to see some old favourite characters in the game such as Mason and “Soap” McTavish. But, servers won’t be too crowded as it looks like the rooms will be limited to eight to ten players in a single game. Whether it is because of some hardware limitations or purpose, its a good choice.

Many players have waited for a good COD title for mobile devices. Fans of the franchise and mobile games are both eager to see if the game will do well or not.


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