How to move Chrome Address Bar to bottom screen on Android: Step-by-Step

Gone are the days when small size smartphones, majorly 4 inches display were in trend. And now, smartphone having 5.5 inches of display are in trend, but this makes it hard to handle apps. If you are Google Chrome user, you might have felt that, to surf different tabs and access address bar, it’s sometimes hard when you are using smartphone with one hand. But Google provides a option to move Chrome Address Bar to the bottom of the screen. So, here’s

How to move Chrome Address Bar to the bottom of screen.

STEP 1 –

Starting with, you need to open the Google Chrome app and in the address bar search the address, chrome://flags

STEP 2 –

On reaching the Chrome Flags home page, find Chrome Home, or simply search the Chrome Home in the search flag box on the top left of the page. Doing this, you will find the Chrome Home options.

STEP 3 –

In Chrome Home options, you need to change the Default option. For this tap on the Default tab and from the dialog box select, Enable. After this the app needs to be restart, for this tap on the RELAUNCH NOW option.

STEP 4 –

After relaunch, the address will move to the bottom and you can access all the tab easily from there.

Address Bar on Bottom

If even after the relaunch of the Chrome browser, the address bar is still on the top, and the Chrome Home option is still showing ENABLED (as in screenshot). Then you need to Restart/Reboot your smartphone, to get that done.

Needs a Reboot!

Need the Address Bar back on TOP?

No worry if you are used to with the previous version, address bar on the top. Just go to Chrome Home options and select Default. Or if you’re in mess, go to Chrome Flag page and tap on the Reset all to default option, on top right corner. And relaunch the app, restart if needed.

Reset to Default!

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