Marking the tremendous success of the MTV UCypher Season 1 under the banner of USports, the company is ready, to begin with, the Season 2 of Ucypher. With its success, it has opened the gate of the opportunity of budding and professional Indian gamers.

The first season of UCypher was aired on MTV India featuring four games which include CS: GO, Dota 2, Real Cricket 17 and Tekken 7. The tournament was played between the six teams which include Team Akramaks, Sherdils, Yakshas, Marksmen, Yodhas and Crusaders. The winner of the first season of the UCypher was Team Yakshas beating Team Sherdils in an epic nail-biting finale.

UCypher Season 2 

MTV UCypher Season 2 registrations

MTV UCypher Season 2 Registrations

The registrations for Ucypher Season 2 has already started. For registrations, you need to visit the official Ucypher website – Click Link

MTV UCypher Season 2 registrations

When you will scroll little downwards you will find the participation link for Season 2 as shown above with Tab ” Find Out More ”

MTV UCypher Season 2 registrations

Once you click on Find Out More, It will pop up for signup, where you can register either through your email ID or Facebook account

MTV UCypher Season 2 registrations

After the completion of this method, you will get a simple form, where you need to enter your basic details like name, contact number, city, pin-code and nick name. At the end of the form you need to select the game in which you want to participate and the list of games mentioned in the form includes Heartstone, Heros, Overwatch, League of Legends, Rocket League, Starcraft, Tekken, Call of Duty, CS: GO, Fifa 18, Halo.

MTV UCypher Season 2 registrationsIf you think, you want to participate in some other game, you can scroll right with the help of the arrow icon and locate for other. In other, you can enter the game of your choice and complete the Sign of UCypher Season 2

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