My Hero Academia Episode 60 Season 3 Episode 22 Spoilers, Preview

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Today’s post is all about discussion My Hero Academia Episode 60 spoilers and preview. So, this posts contains spoilers and if you don’t like the spoilers you shouldn’t read this post.

My Hero Academia Episode 60 Spoilers

The last episode was a perfect highlight of the group rescue plan. During their rescue operation, they get attacked by the Gang Orca as a villain along with his force. Shindo tried to stop him while Izuku and others evacuated the citizens first. When Gang Orca starts to overwhelm the others, Todoraki and Inasa Yoarashi made a grand entry to stop him. But due to Inasa Yoarashi’s hate toward Todoraki’s father put a hold on their fight against Orca which gave former one to counter-attack them and corner them.

My Hero Academia Episode 60 Spoilers

Izuku realised them their current objective which led them to combine their strength against Orca. Being a number ten hero he perfectly avoids their attack. When he was trying to put the end of Todoroki, Izuku finally surprised him with a huge blow.

Then the sudden announcement of the conclusion of the exam at that point was made and it was unexpected and left us with a cliffhanger in waiting for results.

My Hero Academia Episode 60 Season 3 Episode 22 Spoilers

My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 22 Spoilers

My Hero Academia Episode 60 Spoilers

My Hero Academia Episode 60 Summary, Synopsis

“The night following the announcements of the results of the Exam, Bakugo calls Deku out. The Provisional License Exam has certainly ended! The results of those who succeeded are exposed, but not all of Class 1-A were able to receive their licenses!? All Might visits All For One, who is now imprisoned to a special jail. This is the initial time they are seeing each other again following the intense fight prior. What will All Might say?”

My Hero Academia Episode 60 Spoilers

So, the next episode will focus on the night following the result announcement where Bakugo will call out Izuku. He will talk about Izuku’s quirk and made few assumptions about him getting quirk of All Might. Bakugo will reveal his hypothesis to reach the conclusion behind his statement on which Izuku will agree on him and tell the truth himself.

On the other hand, we will saw All Might visiting All For One who is in Jail. In the next episode, All Might will probably ask him about the whereabouts of the Tomura as League Of Villians is still out in the town and maybe planing about their next move.

My Hero Academia Episode 60 Preview

So, the next episode is all about some interesting revelations and truth.