Mysterious Prisoner At Fortnite Polar Peak Castle Is Being Revealed Slowly As Snow Is Melting


Polar peak was added to the Fortnite map with the release of Season 7. It is known as the Ice King’s castle who has appeared in the various loading screen throughout the season until his escape from the ice orb during ice event of 19th January. During the ice event, Ice King spelt a magical frosty wind to cover the whole map with snow. Since that day the dungeon inside the Ice King’s castle is melting slowly. Now, it appears that the Ice King has been keeping a prisoner in the frozen dungeon. That mysterious Prisoner at Fortnite Polar Peak Castle is being revealed slowly as snow is melting.

Mysterious Prisoner At Fortnite Polar Peak Castle

 Prisoner At Fortnite Polar Peak

After continued melting of ice for ten days, gamers have finally able to see the glimpse of the prisoner which is bound in chains. Currently, his arms are visible which appears to be made of rocks. It has spikes near its shoulders and features engraved on the hands.

 Prisoner At Fortnite Polar Peak

Many fans are assuming the prisoner as the upcoming Snowfall skin which will be rewarded for completing all nine weeks challenges.

The revealed prisoner was leaked with the last Fortnite Update which was highlighted with the name penguin in the assets folder. Maybe it was to hide the prisoner’s true identity.