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Netflix releases inspiring videos ahead of 13 Reasons Why Season 2


Teens Share Inspiring Stories of how 13 Reasons Why Impacted their lives!

Netflix has simultaneously released several videos focusing on the impact of 13 Reasons Why on teens. Last year, series became a sudden hit among the teens because of its relatable story and convincing acting. However, it also came under fire as viewers who were feeling left out and depressed connected with the lead character and found suicide as the only answer to all their problems.

The content of the series is somewhat strong as it revolves around sexual assault, bullying, and depression. The thirteen episode series takes you through reasons why the character of Sarah committed suicide and what led her make such a grave decision even after having a strong will. The plot is set in the backdrop of high school, and that’s the reason why users connected with the pain and suffering of the lead actress. After season 1 as there was a spike in incidents of suicide and depression, many parents were worried about kids getting exposed to a depressing series which may lead them taking the wrong decisions.

Changes Made For 13 Reasons Why Season 2

The backlash from parents and society resulted in executive producer Selena Gomez, making some changes in the execution of upcoming season 2 as they try to highlight the good which the series has done. The videos released during past week are part of those changes. Two videos tell the story of two kids Riley and Louise who have suffered from bullying and sexual assault but kept it to themselves as they lacked the courage and thought they were the only ones who have gone through this. However, after watching 13 Reasons Why they got the courage and came out to tell their story.

Similarly, in another video we see cast members of the show reading through the courageous letters written by fans to them and how the show has helped them in overcoming the depression and ignore suicide as a solution to temporary problem.
All the videos are touchy and make you happy that the show has inspired teens. As it quite openly discusses the topic of depression and how a person going through that condition feels.

We hope that videos like these and prior warning that is being introduced before each episode of upcoming season 2 will make this heartfelt series a reason for inspiration only and not for the suicide. The release date of 13 Reasons Why Season 2 is still not out, however filming was finished in December 2017.

Keep an eye out for 13 Reasons Why Season 2, as soon we will be publishing latest updates regarding it.

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