Netflix Announces Three New Series and Is all set to give Amazon a Tough Fight

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This year is going perfectly for all the streaming service giants, be it Netflix or Amazon and by the end of February, we will have a list of fantastic entertainment to watch. With the great start at their hand’s audiences are in for a mesmerising ride in the coming months. On the worldwide level, Netflix has undoubtedly taken the lead with a plethora of TV series and movies of all genres coming out one after another. Series of Altered Carbon and Seven Seconds made us ponder on various issues whereas Netflix also tickled our funny bone and made us nostalgic with Everything Sucks! On the other side, Amazon is slowly catching up with Netflix as it gave us a memorable ending to the season 1 of The Tick.

Everything looks bright and clear for Netflix in the US and West region however when we talk about India; it is getting an intense beating from its arch nemesis, Amazon. From the perspective of content currently, Amazon is way ahead of Netflix as it first acquired the rights of all the movies of Salman Khan, yes we know that Netflix has Shahrukh Khan. But when we talk about huge fan base and marketability in the current scenario, no one can beat Sallu Bhai.


Keeping this aside, the content that matters the most is the original one, and in that space also Amazon has a headstart. It’s most anticipated series Breathe starring acknowledged actors, R. Madhavan and Amit Sadh has performed exceptionally well. The audiences got the taste of raw thrill and drama that inevitably left us amazed. Amazon didn’t stop after this and also gave us a comedic, and light-hearted series Die Trying starring Kenny Sebastian in the titular role.

Now the ball is in the Netflix’s court and with already two months behind we have all eyes on it to make its move. And last week Netflix realised it and announced three original series along with a documentary film for Indian audiences. It includes Ghoul, a horror series based on Arabic folklore starring Radhika Apte; Leila, based on Prayaag Akbar’s book of the same name; Crocodile, a young adult murder mystery thriller from Binky Mendez and Ladies First, a documentary film based on the life of Indian Archer Deepika Kumari. The lineup inevitably excites us and makes us hopeful as this can change the way we consume entertainment in India.


With these four additions, the total of upcoming content from Netflix goes to eight, and that includes Sacred Games, Selection Day, Again, and Bard of Blood. While Erik Barmack, vice president of original international series at Netflix, expressed his excitement and affirmed a lot more in upcoming months as he said “We are proud to continue to invest in original content in India. These three series, from the scary to the supernatural, represent the tremendous diversity that Indian storytelling holds for a global audience. We are thrilled to work with some of the world’s most talented writers and producers to bring these stories to life for India and the world.”

Each of the three series has established actors portraying the principal roles, and this only adds to our anticipation. Leila, a drama series written and produced by Urmi Juvekar, best known for his work on Oye Lucky Lucky Oye. It tells the story of Shalini, a free-thinking woman searching for the daughter who she lost when she got arrested at the age 16. The series is based on the book by author Prayaag Akbar and will centre around longing, faith and loss.

Ghoul, horror series based on Arabic folklore, is set in a secret detention centre. The series stars names like Radhika Apte and Manav Kaul both of them known for their character-defining roles. The story revolves around Nida, a newly minted interrogator who turned in her father as an anti-government activist, arrives at the centre to discover that some of the terrorists held there are not of this world. This will be a unique series which has elements that will make it a good thriller as well as a horrifying story to give us sleepless nights.


The last one is Crocodile written by Binky Mendez and will be a young adult murder mystery set in the backdrop of beautiful beaches of Goa. Mira sets out on his own to uncover the mystery of her missing friend, and in the process, she finds secrets among her friends, romantic relationships and community.

After going through the brief synopsis, we are pumped for the upcoming series and have our fingers crossed. If Netflix can turn these forthcoming shows around then, it can give Amazon a run for its money.


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