Netflix Delhi Crime Review – Police side of heinous December 2012 gang rape

Delhi Crime Shefali Shah

The mere mention of the Delhi rape case of December 2012, is enough to give chills even today.  This rape case shook and yet united the entire nation. A 23-year-old student was brutally gang raped in a moving bus along with her male friend.

Netflix is not leaving any stone unturned in grabbing the attention of its audience and its recent web show Delhi Crime is based on the events of the December 2012 rape case. The case was a wake-up call for the entire nation to unite and stand up for the brutality done to women. ‘Heinous’ will be a smaller term used to describe the gravity of the crime. Thankfully, in the show, the crime has not been portrayed in its full depth, yet the mention of the words like ‘rectum’, ‘intestine’, ‘iron rod’, ’vagina’ are enough for the audience to feel the pain.

Delhi Crime

The show looks and its repercussions through the eyes of the policemen handling it, especially South DCP Vartika Chaturvedi (effortlessly portrayed by Shefali Shah), who is handling a gang rape while managing a teenage daughter.

Netflix Delhi Crime Review

Numerous movies and television shows have been made on the same but none as realistic as this one. The show is sure to keep you hooked till the end. This show tends to show a mirror to society. The show has been made from the point of view of the police, and the audience gets to see how hard and efficiently the police works even after being misinterpreted at various places. The Indian police do not have a very good reputation with the public, but in the show they have been pictured working very hard in their thankless career.

I, being a woman, in the rape capital of the world, till date I don’t feel safe at all in the city. The condition is so much worse that all the women feel eyes on them at all times. In my city, every day many girls are being raped, if the matter is highlighted, the only thing people do is go for candle marches. Let’s not talk about the cases that are not highlighted much. Even after such heinous crimes, the condition of this city is worsening. Where one side women are worshiped as goddesses, on the other hand they are raped and thrown away to die.

Delhi Crime takes you back to the horrors of December 2012, it is not an easy watch but definitely a must watch.


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