Netflix India releases four images of Sacred Games Season 2

Sacred Games Season 2

Netflix India has released a set of photos for the upcoming second season of Sacred Games. The Season 1 finale of the Sacred Games has left us with some lingering questions that are making the fans gasp for its second season.

Sacred Games Season 2
Sacred Games Season 2

Four images have been shared from the Netflix India official Instagram account, mentioned four Sanskrit words including BIDALAH A GITA, KATHAM ASTI, ANTARA MAHAVANA, UNAGAMAM. These four words can be the names of the first four episodes of the Sacred Games Season 2. The caption of the images reads the following, “Bolo ‘Aham Brahmasmi.’ 6 din mein sab kuch dikhayi dene lagega” which hints that the trailer for Sacred Games Season 2 might release after six days.


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Bolo ‘Aham Brahmasmi.’ 6 din mein sab kuch dikhayi dene lagega.

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We have seen a lot of characters died in Season 1 of Sacred Games but many of them are likely to make their return in Season 2. Sartaj Singh found the hideout and bunker full of food supplies that had been made for protection against any bomb attack.

It would be interesting to see how Sartaj Singh will solve the missing pieces of the puzzle to avert the danger hovering over Mumbai. Now only fourteen days remaining to protect Mumbai from a deadly attack that could wipe out whole Mumbai.