US Federal Communications Commission abolishes Network Neutrality


US Federal Communications Commission (FFC) has ended the network neutrality in the United States. The abolishment of Net Neutrality voted by three votes, against two votes and many big tech giants are already opposing this judgement.

Network Neutrality

Net Neutrality principle states that the telecommunication operators cannot give preference to any specific type of content in relation to another. Under this rule, operators cannot slow down traffic for certain website or block access to them

With the end of Net neutrality, US operators can control traffic conditions for different sites, services and applications and can specifically charge higher for various websites or streaming services. Earlier in 2014, Comcast has slowed down the speed of Netflix streaming for consumers, for which Netflix required to pay a good amount to Comcast for resuming of fast streaming for its consumers

The abolishment plans of Net Neutrality made by Ajit Pai has spun the huge uproar and protests from IT tech giants and human right organizations. Interestingly, FCC itself released the official order with the name “Open Internet Order” and is being promoted as a way to restore Internet freedom and the document has been published by the press with headline “FCC Takes Action to Restore Internet Freedom” stating this will increases the transparency of the network to protect users and flourish innovation

Source : FCC