New Apex Legends characters leaked by data miners ahead of season 1 release

New apex Legends leaked

Apex Legends has become the most popular game in the past few days with over more than 50 million players. Like, other battle royale games, it also suffering from leaks and hacking. Respawn has already banned more than 350K cheaters on PC. But, the company is failing to take care of data mining.

Since, March 6th update, data miners are continuously digging game files and revealing unannounced things ahead of the season 1 release. Previously, they have leaked two new weapons i.e. Flamethrower and Remote turret and then night mode, wall running coming to the game. Now, a new leak surfacing online which reveals 5 unreleased Apex Legends characters.

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New Apex Legends characters leaked

Twitter user @ApexLeaksNews tweeted a screenshot of legends that are currently in development. They have been discovered in the updated texture file of the game.

The screenshot is difficult to see, but one character looks like wearing a skull-mask having an armor plating up to its neck.

Currently, there is no information regarding the abilities, names and release date of these leaked characters. We already know a little about the Octane along with Wattson.

This information is subject to change as these legends are currently in development.