Are we getting new Dragon Ball anime?? Toei Animation teases legendary announcement

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There is no doubt that 2018 has been a massive break out year for Dragon Ball franchise. In 2018 we saw the conclusion of Dragon Ball Super anime. But, it is not going to end anytime soon as Dragon Ball Super Broly movie was an addition to its storyline and now the manga is continuing its legacy with monthly chapters.

Besides, Dragon Ball anime franchise is also keeping up with promotional series Dragon Ball Heroes. I know you guys miss Yuya Takahashi’s animation and Dragon Ball Super. But, it looks like we have something big coming for the franchise’s future.

Are we getting new Dragon Ball anime??

Toei Animation and Funimation took to Twitter to tease that” “something legendary is coming”. Check out their tweets below.

On March 1, Funimation tweeted a pic of four-star Dragon Ball alongside a caption “Something legendary is coming…”. Just after that, Toei Animation tweeted a pic of three-star Dragon Ball with the same caption. It aroused a deep curiosity among Dragon Ball fans what’s going to happen next. Everyone is making speculations around the two Dragon Ball images that something big will be teased on March 4(3/4) or April (4/3).

As we know Funimation has airing rights of Dragon Ball anime. Its tweet along with Toei animation makes a perfect theory of announcement of something regarding Dragon Ball anime franchise. So, are we getting new Dragon Ball anime very soon ???

What do you think about this tease ??