New Fortnite Infantry Rifle coming in Fortnite update v7.40

Infantry Rifle Fortnite

The newly introduced Apex Legends Game is giving stiff competition to the Fortnite. It is a need of time, and Epic Games should do something different now to standout and gain back its shifted audience. The Fortnite update v7.40 is coming on February 12. A lot of bug fixes and enhancements are coming with it.

However, the in-game message feed is teasing a new weapon for the game. The in-game message is showcasing the arrival of an Infantry rifle in an upcoming update.

Its description reads out ‘”Infantry Rifle – Classic design meets a new combat style.”

Fortnite Infantry Rifle

The rifle has a classic wooden texture look, and it looks like an old school rifle. The announcement image has a blue background for this gun, but it is not clear how many variants of this weapon will be made available.

It is still not clear how the weapon will behave, will it fall under the category of an assault rifle or a sniping rifle?

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The Infantry Rifle looks quite similar to a gun ‘M1 Garand’ used in World War II, and it was a semi-automatic rifle. So there is a possibility we might see this gun in the Assault Rifle category.

Infantry Rifle

M1 Garand has also been part of many popular gaming titles including Call of Duty. It would be interesting to see how the Epic Games will plan out their strategy after getting straight competition from Apex Legends.


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