Fortnite season 9 new teaser released

Fortnite Season 9 release

Fortnite season 9 is almost here, and Epic Games has released the second teaser.

New Fortnite season 9 teaser released

Epic Games tweeted “The Future is Bright” with an image. Check out the tweet below:

The image is also of futuristic theme and can be an upcoming skin in the game. Also, there is an ‘E’ in the background of new Fortnite season 9 skin. As of now, we have two letters ‘N’ and ‘E’ which makes a word NE. With one more teaser, we will see a complete word which might shed some light on what’s coming in season 9?

Fortnite Season 9 first teaser hints at a futuristic theme

Beyond these teasers, we only know one thing that significant map changes will happen in Season 9. Titled Towers and Retails have gone already in the unvaulting event, and Polar Peek is on the verge of getting down.

No leaks are out till now, so we can’t say anything about Fortnite Season 9. But, we don’t have to wait longer as Season 9 launches on May 9th.


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