New Fortnite Skull Trooper Red Skin Leaked, Get Details Here

Fortnite Skull Trooper Red

Past week, we saw Fortnite Skull Trooper Skin shining the game’s store with a slightly different version of the previous one. Now, Fortnite Skull Trooper red skin has surfaced online. Many fans are claiming this to be an as red variant of purple skin. According to the leaked images provided by FNBRLeaks, we can expect the Skull Trooper red skin in the game very soon.

New Fortnite Skull Trooper Red Skin Leaked

FNBRLeaks clearly highlighted the comparison between the Skull Trooper Red Skin variant and purple one. It clearly hints toward the coming of the Skull Trooper Skin red variant in the game very soon.

Skull Trooper Red Skin Skull Trooper Red Skin

This news came out when @FNBRLeaks revealed the Skull Trooper Skin red variant on 11th October.

The Skull Trooper Red Skin is named as “Red Flames” in the Athena files. Athena files keep track of all codewords related to the Fortnite Battle Royale mode’s assets. Not just the Red Skull Trooper skin is coming in the game, but the red Ghost Portal back bling is also coming to the game very soon.


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