New Fortnite Vampire Skin Leaked, Coming To The Game Very Soon

Fortnite Vampire Skin

Epic games always add new cosmetics in the game with every new update and data miners always succeed to find them before the release. Yesterday, Fortnite received update 6.10 and just after the release data miners found the new skins in the game files. Apart from those skins, data miners have found one more skin coming to the game. It will be the Vampire skin which seems interesting ahead of the Halloween festival. New Fortnite Vampire Skin is named as ‘Sanctum’.

New Fortnite Vampire Skin Leaked

Discovered files related to the new Fortnite Vampire skin can be found below:

Fortnite Vampire Skin
Image credit: @ShiinaBR

According to the uncovered files, Fortnite Vampire skin will be the male one, and its name will be “Sanctum.”

Fortnite Vampire Skin
Image Credit: @HypexLeak

Apart from the new skin, back bling for the vampire skin has been added to the game files called ‘Cover Cape’.

The back bling for the vampire skin has also been added to the files and will be called ‘Coven Cape’.

Currently, no release date regarding this skin has been out, but it will most likely be added to the next patch.