New Fortnite Video shares more hints to Ice King Event


Till now, we have seen a certain calm in Fortnite Season 7, but it seems like the storm is just about to rise, as earlier we observed strange weather warnings on TV, and now the TVs in Fortnite is showcasing some sort of countdown alongside weather warning.

Lucas7Yoshi, a famous Fortnite Leaker has shared a new video to his Twitter, showcasing the location of Ice King over Polar Peak. He is currently emitting energy from his hands inside a mysterious ball hovering over Polar Peak, he seems to be creating some sort of thing, which might be Kevin Cube.

Fortnite Ice King Event

Ice King Event

As per Lucas7Yoshi, no hacking has been involved in this, and it does not violate the Epic Games terms and conditions in any way. He has given the hat-tip to an amateur programmer, AyeTSG, for this video.

The Weather warnings and countdown on TVs surely indicate us, that something big is about to happen in the game.