New game Pokemon Masters announced, gameplay details


Today at the Pokemon strategy presentation in Japan, a new Pokemon game has been announced. The new game will be called Pokemon Masters, and it will be made under the collaboration of DeNA and Pokemon Co., Ltd.

However, very little detail has surfaced out for the game yet. But during the presentation, short gameplay of the game was demonstrated.

Pokemon Masters

In the Pokemon Masters game, you will be able to battle alongside the trainers from successive Pokemon series like Misty, Brock and many more.

In the released gameplay we can see the battle between 3 vs 3 squads, where three trainers with their Pokemon are trying to take down the three opponents on the other side.

Pokemon Masters Gameplay

We can see Pokemon performing their normal attacks like Pikachu using Scratch and Thunderbolt. The game will also feature cooperation techniques where a player and their Pokemon sync with each other to launch a mega move.

The game will be released on both Android and iOS. The game is scheduled to be released in 2019.


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