New Heavy Assault Rifle is coming to Fortnite Game


Fortnite inbox message is displaying the addition of a new Heavy Assault Rifle, which will soon be part of the game weaponry

This information has been shared by the Epic games in the Pre Lobby message. The pre lobby message displays its image and a small description below. The description of the same read as follows : Powerful Assault Rifle that is more useful when fired in short bursts.

The upcoming Heavy AR depicts the looks of AK-47 rifle, although the performance of the rifle could be different.

No further information has been revealed, when the new weapon will get live in the game.

The new weapon has a gold color background behind the weapon image, which means the weapon rarity will be legendary

The next major update of the game might come on November 6- November 7, and the addition of this weapon can take place in that window.

This adds to the list of 3rd major weapon addition since the start of Fortnite Season 6, previously Quad Launcher and Six Shooter has been added to the game


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