New Lucky Friend feature might come to Pokemon Go, leak suggests

Pokemon Go

A new data mined leak revealed that a new Lucky Friends feature will allow you to have a lucky Pokemon while trading.

The Lucky Pokemon concept was introduced back in July 2018. A popular Pokemon Go data miner Chrales has shared this news of the new feature Lucky Friends which he has found in the game code & data mined files.

The data mined text reads the following:

Your next trade with this friend will be lucky!”
Your next trade together will be
Lucky! This means both Pokemon traded will become the Lucky Pokemon.

This leak indicates that there will be a feature to have someone as a lucky friend which will guarantee a lucky Pokemon while trading.

Pokemon Go

Well, undoubtedly we will have some parameters to make someone as Lucky friend & also, it is unclear how frequent trade with that friend will result in a Lucky Pokemon.

It is just a leak, so it can’t be authenticated for sure & there is no official news from Niantic yet.

Lucky Pokemon

Lucky Pokemon usually offers two benefits. Firstly, they require half stardust to power up. Secondly, Lucky Pokemon have a minimum IVs of 12/12/12.