Leak suggests a New Map is coming to Apex Legends

New Map is coming to Apex Legends

Data miners are working hard to decode the files of Apex legends to reveal the future plans of Respawn Entertainment.

The update for the Season 1 of Apex Legends was released on 19 March. In these fresh set of files, data miners have found details about a new map, or maybe multiple maps that might be included soon in the game.

Some other files like ‘map_button’ and map_zone_intro_title,’ were also seen that could be used by the players to jump into different maps.

Recently, the details of the new weapon, the L-STAR EMG was leaked along with more battle rewards. The leaks for the new map. In addition to King’s Canyon, has been surfacing online for quite some time. While another leak also suggested that a “Night Mode” is also heading to the game.


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