New maps in leaked Black Ops Pass Content for Black Ops 4

Black Ops 4 New Maps

Black Ops 4 major update will be releasing in just a few hours from now, but some of its content has been leaked out by the Australian PlayStation Store

Black Ops 4 which was released in October and players who have Black Ops Pass can access the game’s season content all around the year

But through Australian PlayStation Store, some of its information has been leaked via Black Ops 4 Pass mentioning the release of new Zombies Map and two new locations for Multiplayer mode

New maps – Madagascar & Elevation

New Maps Black Ops 4

Two new maps which will be added in the upcoming update includes Madagascar and Elevation, according to Australian PSN listing

Few images have been revealed out by Australian PSN James Spencer, Madagascar has lush green environment while Elevation has a cold mountainous region

The Zombies lovers will get a new map called as Dead of the Night, which will give an enthralling experience to the players

These leaks have been confirmed by Treyarch on their official Twitter Account, before the scheduled release of December 11

Once the update will go live, we will share with you its detail and respective patch notes. The latest update is also bringing all new Black Market for the game.

Know more about the upcoming update from the article below


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