New PUBG Snow Vikendi Map Release Date Confirmed

PUBG Snow Vikendi Map

As winters are approaching the gaming companies like Epic Games and Tencent are working upon to deliver a snow themed map to the players around the around.

During the PUBG E3 2018, a snow-themed map was teased which was scheduled to be released in the Winter 2018. Now data miners have dig into the update files and shown a video of Vikendi map, which was leaked two months ago

PUBG Snow Vikendi Map

PUBG Snow Map Release Date

But other signals are referring that this snow themed map is releasing soon. PUBG for PS4 will be released on 7th December 2018, and many people are speculating that the new map might release alongside the PUBG PS4 release

Vikendi Map

PUBG Snow Vikendi Map

Vikendi Map

In addition to the PlayStation store have listed Vikendi Event Pass for their premium version of the game. Also, the new Vikendi map will also be available for PUBG Champion and Survivor Edition

The standard version of the game will not come with the new map currently

The first map for PUBG Erangel (8×8) was released along with the game itself, further, in December 2017 Miramar map (8×8) was released and in June of 2018 Sanhok (4×4) map was released and this will be the fourth map for PUBG and it is 6×6 in size.


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